Over time, your roof can experience some serious damage, and the last thing we want is for you to stress about it. You could try and handle it yourself, or you could look to a company that truly cares about your problems and has a deep dedication to the local community. In a short amount of time, people have begun to see us as a trusted and professional company that truly cares about the roof over your head!

Professional Work

A good-looking roof with revitalized material and no signs of wear and tear look very appealing. If you’re looking for a simple touch-up, a revamp project to increase the home’s value, or just a simple inspection, Caliber has your back. At Caliber Roofing, we have a deep desire to represent ourselves as a friend and partner in the roofing industry, which is why we have clients who see us just like that!

One of our clients Mary H. found our services to be “very professional and punctual,” which we love to hear! There can be a lot that goes into replacing the roofing, and for starters, it begins with the type of material you want us to incorporate. Maybe you’re tired of the simple asphalt shingles a majority of houses have, and upgrading to metal roofing or composition slate feels like a nice change of scenery. Well, luckily that vision can become a reality with our expert roof replacement services!
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Knowledge and Experience

There can be a lot that comes with roofing, especially when precision and attention to detail play such an important role. At Caliber Roofing, we all take pride in representing you as a company with finite accuracy and professionalism. If you’re worried that your roof is in need of repair, an inspection is going to be the first call to action! When inspecting the ins and outs of your roof, our technicians will first examine it to determine the integrity of the roof and what needs to be repaired and replaced. More times than not, homeowners may see a little damage without realizing it’s a major failure in need of getting addressed ASAP! This can be a freaky issue to deal with, but with Caliber, we document the photos and notes taken from our inspection and from there provide an estimate for you. One of our clients found our work to be up to par:

Richard’s testimonial stood out to us, as he truly believed, “[Nicks] knowledge, experience, and his detailed estimate is what sold [him] on selecting Caliber for [his] roofing job”. Reviews like this are what we strive to achieve. From the inspection phase to the detailing and roof repair, there should be little worry in the eyes of our clients. However, we understand how this is an important piece to each and every house, which is why we emphasize the importance of having an expert and experienced staff on hand at all times!
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Reliable and Easy

Choosing a reliable company can be tricky, especially when you’ve never had experience working with them. Having a company be responsible for your house and the work done to it can also play a factor in the trust you instil to that business. At Caliber Roofing, we understand the importance of keeping your loyalty and trust intact, which is why we focus on retaining your reliability, all while making the process as easy as 1, 2, 3. With our roof repair service, focusing on the details that need to be done instead of revitalizing everything can save you a fraction of the cost! A majority of the time, there are plenty of areas of your roof that still have life to it, which is why it’s key to focus on the main sections that need to be addressed, instead of tearing it all down in one go.

One of our clients, Brian S., summed up the work at Caliber Roofing quite neatly, stating how “Nick and his team were very easy to deal with, detail-oriented, and professional”. As it is, our clients are already stressed with their roofing problems… why make their lives harder by being unreliable and difficult to consult with? That’s simply the route we try to stay far from, which is why people are beginning to realize the importance of trusting Caliber Roofing. Being woven into the community, we see every client as a friend, and more importantly, as a family to us.
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Issues on the inside and outside of your house can be quite stressful, especially if it needs to get corrected right away. Having the insurance of reliability in a company definitely keeps the anxiety and stress out of the picture. There is a reason Caliber Roofing has begun to receive the repeated and continued trust of the community. If your roofing needs a touch-up or a complete renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Caliber Roofing!